Jewish-Christian Studies (a division of King's Evangelical Divinity School) was created to specifically address Jewish-Christian relations whilst developing strong analytical and evaluative skills in Theology. 

Our goals are 1) to emphasise and explore the Jewish origins of the Christian faith, 2) to challenge supersessionism within the Church, 3) to explore the ongoing relationship between Gentile and Jewish believers in Jesus, and 4) to discuss and evaluate Christian responses to the modern State of Israel.

We have developed interdisciplinary studis of the history, theology, hermeneutics and praxis of the relationships between the Church, Messianic Judaism, the Jewish people, and the state of Israel. These studies are available through King's Certificate in Jewish-Christian Studies, Bachelor of Theology and Master of Arts degree programmes.

Jewish-Christian Studies produces a blog with news and opinion pieces by established contributors and commentators in the field. It is directed by Dr Calvin Smith, Principal of King's Evangelical Divinity School.