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  • PhD (Theology), Trinity College of the Bible and Seminary, Indiana
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Massachusetts
  • Bachelor of Arts (Biblical Studies and Philosophy), Gordon College, Massachusetts


  • Director of Studies and Tutor in Theology, KEDS
  • Co-Editor, Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics (2010-present)
  • Adjunct Instructor, Christian Leadership College, Lincoln, Nebraska (2007-2010)

Selected Publications

Vantassel, S. M. 2018. A Pastoral-Theological Assessment of the Conflict between Atheistic Evolution, Creationism, and Scripture. In Evangelical Feview of Yheology and Politics 6:A69-A86.

Vantassel, S. M. 2017. Dominion over Animals: Taking the Scriptural Witness and Worldview Seriously (333-348). In Bracy V. Hi,l and John B. white (eds.). God, Nimrod and the World: Exploring Christian Perspectives on Spotts Hunting. Macon, GA: Mercer University Press.

Vantassel, S. M. 2017. Church Discipline: Rationale, Scope, Process, and Issue. Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics 5, ES5-16.

Vantassel, S. M. and N. D. Kloosterman, 2011. Compassionate Eating as Distortion of Scripture: Using Religion to Serve Food Morality. In Evangelical Review of Society and Politics 5.1, 33-48.

Stephen M. Vantassel, 2009. Dominion over Wildlife? An Environmental-Theology of Human-Wildlife Relations. Eugene: Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2009.

'Stephen M. Vantassel, 2007. Should Wildlife Trapping have a Place in an Evangelical Environmental Ethic? In Evangelical Review of Society and Politics 1.2, 20-41.

Stephen M. Vantassel, 2003. A Biblical Assessment of Andrew Linzey's View of Animal Rights. In Emmaus Journal 12, 177-195.

Teaching and Research Interests

Ethics, particularly ethics of animal use, environmental issues and war,  Old Testament studies (archeology and history), practical theology



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