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KEDS offers several distinctives. If you are seeking any or all of the following in pursuit of a theological education, then KEDS may be for you.


While we welcome students from all backgrounds, KEDS is a confessional Evangelical school focusing on Evangelical studies and theology. Tutors and the majority of students come from across the Evangelical spectrum. 

Yet KEDS does not seek to "push" or promote a particular brand of Evangelicalism, whether Reformed, Dispensational, Charismatic, Arminian, or whatever. Our main focus is biblical interpretation (see below) and we encourage students to think independently, engage critically with theological issues and develop a strong knowledge and understanding of the Bible to reach their own independent views.

Competitively-Priced and Flexible Online Learning

KEDS specialises in online theological studies. Our programmes are delivered through our innovative eCampus, providing remote learners with flexibility and ease of access to theological studies.

Distance education is also considerably more economical than traditional taught programmes requiring residence at an institution. Furthermore, our course fees are highly competitive.

The Bible, Hermeneutics and Theology

Our primary focus is the development of excellent biblical knowledge, understanding and interpretative skills. KEDS courses focus strongly upon biblical interpretation across all levels.

Moreover, KEDS seeks to move beyond abstract theoretical hermeneutics to include application and engagement within ministerial, practical and cultural contexts, essential if believers are to respond robustly and effectively in a globalised, postmodern world.

Jewish-Christian Studies

While studies and modules on offer at KEDS are varied, there is a strong focus on the Jewish world of the Old and New Testaments. So for those specifically seeking a Jewish-Christian focus the school offers studies in this field.  



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