Leaders Unveil LifeWay Research Study, Form Alliance to Educate the Church on Israel’s Critical Past and Future Roles

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WASHINGTON, Dec. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A new LifeWay Research study, sponsored by Chosen People Ministries and New York Times bestselling author Joel C. Rosenberg, released today reveals that the overall support of Evangelicals for Israel will drop significantly in the next decade if the younger generation is not educated now about its biblical importance.

The survey, "Evangelical Attitudes Toward Israel and the Peace Process," for which results were unveiled during a press conference today at the National Press Club in Washington, found that although more than 3 in 4 Evangelicals (76 percent) say Christians should support Israel, 4 in 10 younger Evangelicals (41 percent) have no strong views about Israel. Additionally, fewer younger Evangelicals (58 percent) have an overall positive perception of Israel than older Evangelicals (76 percent), and they are less sure Israel's rebirth in 1948 was a good thing for the Palestinians.

"In spite of growing opposition to Israel resulting from the growth of various anti-Israel movements active in the United States, it is encouraging that the survey confirms most Evangelicals continue to support the nation of Israel," said Dr. Mitch Glaser...


This is an opinion piece by Thomas Fretwell, M.A.

It has long been the mantra of much of the Western media, along with their fellow leftist ideologues, that Israel is the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East. The verbal (not to mention physical) assault against Israel seemingly never ends.

These vitriolic attacks constantly accuse Israel of such atrocities as apartheid, ethnic cleansing and genocide, and as if that isn’t enough, when innocent Israeli civilians are stabbed in the supermarket or massacred by a Palestinian terrorist who enters their home during a Shabbat meal , the banal response from the Western world is one of indifference and blame. Somehow, when Jews are killed these acts of terror are not worthy of international rebuke or even a show of solidarity from world leaders.

This is an opinion piece by Thomas Fretwell, M.A.

A Growing Consensus

JuifSpeaking at a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the Vel D’Hiv, an event in which over 13,000 French Jews were deported to Nazi concentration camps by their own government, Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, called anti-Zionism a new form of anti-Semitism. Specifically addressing current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Macron said, “We will never surrender to the messages of hate; we will not surrender to anti-Zionism because it is a reinvention of anti-Semitism.” Following this declaration, senator Charles Schumer made similar remarks on the Senate floor in Washington D.C. He said:

"Anti-Semitism is a word that has been used throughout history when Jewish people are judged and measured by one standard and the rest by another. So it is with anti-Zionism; the idea that all other peoples can seek and defend their right to self-determination but Jews cannot; that other nations have a right to exist, but the Jewish state of Israel does not."