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Exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity and the ongoing relationship between Jewish and Gentile believers

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The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supersessionism. New Revised and Expanded Edition. Edited by Calvin L. Smith.

Broadstairs, Kent: King's Divinity Press, 2013. xxiv + 356 pages. Paperback. RRP 14.99 GBP.

This book explores the relationship between the Jewish people, the Church and Israel, from biblical times to the present.

Its fifteen essays from contributors with considerable expertise and published work in the field provide readers with a careful and objective examination of the issue from various perspectives.

This timely volume is being published at a time when the debate surrounding the relationship between the Church and Israel raging within Evangelicalism is increasingly polemical and polarised.

Endorsements (First Edition)
Endorsements (New Revised and Expanded Edition)
 Book review by Anglican Friends of Israel
Book review by Stuart Dauermann of Interfaithfulness


Introduction: A New Supersessionism?
1. The Real Roots of Supersessionism
2. Parting of the Ways: Jewish-Christian Relations in the Postapostolic Period
3. The Denouement of Triumphalist Supersessionism: European Churches and the Holocaust
4. Jealous for Zion: Evangelicals, Zionism and the Restoration of Israel
5. Who is the Israel of Romans 11:26?
6. The NT and Supersessionism
7. Biblical Theology, Israel and the Alien
8. Apostolic Jewish-Christian Hermeneutics and Supersessionism
9. A Calvinist Considers Israel’s Right to the Land
10. Jewish Believers in Jesus and Supersessionism
11. Supersessionism, Messianic Jews and the Jewish Community
12. Is the Gospel Relevant to the Jewish People?
13. Faith and Politics in Today’s Holy Land
14. Israel and the Continued Purposes of God
Editor: Calvin L. Smith, PhD. is Principal of King’s Evangelical Divinity School and editor of the Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics.

Colin Barnes, M.Th. lived and taught in Israel before serving as a missionary in Pakistan
Brian Brewer, M.A. is Administrator of the Centre for Jewish-Christian Studies, King's Evangelical Divinity School
Andy Cheung, Ph.D. lectures in Biblical Studies at King’s Evangelical Divinity School
Ronald E. Diprose, Ph.D., was Academic Dean at the Istituto Biblico Evangelico Italiano, Rome
Richard Gibson leads Leeds Messianic Fellowship and is on the board of BMJA
Mitch Glaser, Ph.D. is President of Chosen People Ministries, New York
Barry E. Horner, D.Min. is author of Future Israel: Why Christian Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged
Steve Maltz is a popular author and broadcaster on the Hebraic roots of Christianity
Tony Pearce leads the Bridge Lane Christian Fellowship, Golders Green, London
Jacob Prasch is the founder of Moriel Ministries
Howard Taylor served as a missionary, minister and university lecturer
Stephen M. Vantassel, Ph.D. teaches Theology at King's Evangelical Divinity School
Paul Wilkinson, Ph.D. is author of For Zion's Sake: Christian Zionism and the Role of John Nelson Darby

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