Apart from our validated online degrees with modules in Jewish-Christian Studies, the school has also developed two new internally-validated online programmes covering a wide range of Jewish-Christian issues, drawing on tutors and resources from across the Jewish-Christian spectrum. The KEDS Certificate in Jewish-Christian Studies consists of six core modules:

> CJCS01 Jews, Christians, the Bible and Theology

> CJCS02 Jews, Christians and Biblical Interpretation

> CJCS03 Jews, Christians and History

> CJCS04 Jews, Christians and the Gospel

> CJCS05 Jews, Christians and Ecclesiology

> CJCS06 Jews, Christians, Politics and the Land

An informational leaflet of the courses is available here.



The Advanced Certificate requires completion of two additional extended 20-credit units:

TH4613 Biblical Hebrew for Beginners

TH4615 Lands of the Bible

These two 20-credit units are validated by the University of Chester. Students moving on to the Advanced Certificate are formally enrolled with the university as Associate Students at King’s and upon completion receive a university transcript detailing these 40 credits, which may then be used towards our B.Th. degree or an early exit award (Certificate/ Diploma of Higher Education in Theology). 



The fees for the Certificate and Advanced Certificate are as follows:

  • All applicants pay an application fee of 25 GBP when submitting an application.
  • The fee for eCampus access and the first module (CJCS01) is 89 GBP. Students will also need to obtain a copy of the set textbook for the course, for use across the six modules.
  • Subsequent modules (CJCS02 - CJCS06) are 69 GBP each.
  • The optional Advanced Certificate modules are 610 GBP each (total £1000).


The total fees are spread throughout the duration of the course, just one module in advance (i.e. students only pay for the module they are working on). Maximum permitted course duration for the Certificate is three calendar years from the date of acceptance on to the course (students must complete a minimum of two modules a year). The Advanced Certificate is only available upon successful completion of the Certificate. The two advanced modules must be completed within one calendar year of commencement of the Advanced Certificate.



To find out more about studying at King's, visit the King's Evangelical Divinity School website and select options from the drop-down menu. To enrol on the Certificate in Jewish-Christian Studies click on the link below and enrol online now...