At the end of this post is a link to a video. You may or may not like his style. Neither does the broadcaster represent the whole Messianic movement, which has different expressions,. Nonetheless, the video is worth watching to the end (including the clips of violence towards Messianic believers) because it provides insight into issues many Gentile believers have not encountered or considered.

Some quick background: This is about the controversy surrounding the launch of a new Hebrew-language Messianic TV station in Israel. Ron Cantor is a Messianic Jew based in Israel. Dr Michael Brown is a Messianic Jewish believer in New York. Laurie Cardoza-Moore heads a strongly pro-Israel ministry but apparently rejects the sharing of the gospel with Jewish people (in a recent interview with a Jewish religious news outlet she stated: “Our only mandate to the Jewish people is to love and support them because they are God's chosen people. Any attempts to convert Jews or downgrade their religion will only sew undue hatred at a time when we should unite in the face of darkness” [see this link - ]).

Last week Christianity Today published an article exploring a range of Evangelical views on what to expect when US President Donald Trump unveils his much-anticipated peace plan for the Middle-East. Opinions cited included those by Christian Zionist, Christian anti-Zionist and also Messianic leaders. The article is available here.

the orchard experience

On October the 27th 2018, during Sabbath worship services at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, a gunman entered the premises and opened fire indiscriminately at the congregation. In total eleven worshippers were killed. Aside from the tragic loss of life and heartbreak that will follow, the Jewish community is once again left to ponder its place as a victim of this most pernicious form of hatred – antisemitism. The shooters motivations were clear, as he entered the synagogue he declared “all Jews must die”. Such vile statements have unfortunately become part and parcel of Jewish history, and indeed present-day Jewish life.