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Exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity and the ongoing relationship between Jewish and Gentile believers

tommy fretwellWe are delighted to announce former KEDS postgraduate student and Jewish-Christian Studies tutor Tom Fretwell has been offfered a place at Manchester Metropolitan University to research for a doctorate in an area related to Jewish-Christian Studies. 

Tom's working title for his Ph.D. research is "Christian Zionism and Supersessionism in the 21st Century: A Historical, Theological and Political Investigation". Tom says:

My research will involve examining Christian Zionism and supersessionism using a multi-disciplinary approach. Looking at them both through the lens of history, theology and politics. Particular attention will be given to the current expressions of these movements, i.e. the New Supersessionism and the New Christian Zionism, tracing their ideological roots, theological justifications and examining to what extent the current political situation has influenced their development. I will seek to make a significant contribution to this field of research and the emerging movement known as the New Christian Zionism.

Tom is tutor of the Jewish-Christian Studies module exploring the Jewish People, Christians, Politics and the Land.

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