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Exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity and the ongoing relationship between Jewish and Gentile believers

Endorsements and Testimonials (First Edition) 
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In a day when the merit of the role of Israel is being questioned by many, including many Christians, it is refreshing to see a biblically grounded presentation of God's faithfulness to Israel that affirms the gospel for the Jewish people and the idea that God will keep his promises to Israel. How do these go together? This book takes us well down the path to a theologically sound answer.

Darrell L. Bock, Ph.D. 
Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary
Former President of the Evangelical Theological Society


diprose israel

The contributors to this book exhibit the kind of scholarly balance necessary for moving the debate concerning modern Israel from the practice of firing shots from opposing trenches to a careful examination of the facts in the light of Biblical Revelation. As to the importance of their contributions, the declared ideological motivations of groups like Hamas, who vow to put an end to Israel as a sovereign state, mean that the question of modern Israel’s existence must be approached in essentially theological terms.

Ronald E. Diprose, Ph.D. 
Academic Dean, Istituto Biblico Evangelico Italiano, Rome
Author of Israel and the Church: Origin and Effects of Replacement Theology (2004)


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A book of this quality, character and courage has been needed for decades! I want to congratulate Dr Calvin Smith of King’s Evangelical Divinity School for engaging in this highly charged and controversial study focusing on God’s plan for the Jewish people, the nation of Israel and the Arab world. I further applaud the project for taking the very critical next step of helping to provide a matrix for understanding the relationship between the Western Church and the Christian, Messianic and Muslim communities of the East.

Mitch Glaser, Ph.D.
President, Chosen People Ministries, New York

barry horner

There is a belated tide rising against almost virulent anti-Judaism. So, in The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supercessionism Dr. Calvin Smith provides us with a rich resource that covers the essential issues at a substantial level. The times call for a volume like this. May it help turn Christians toward a more Judeo-centric eschatology. Supremely may it uphold the glory of the quintessential Jew, the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall return as a Jew.

Dr Barry E. Horner
Author of Future Israel: Why Christian Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged (2007)


walter kaiserA large portion of the word of God in the Old Testament is being misinterpreted or deliberately avoided by those who have adopted the teaching that the Christian Church has replaced Israel and that the ancient promises made by God to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David are now passé. However, Calvin L. Smith has edited a set of chapters in a new book that makes a vital contribution towards rectifying this imbalance in interpretation. May it spark a long-overdue discussion among Evangelical interpreters of all persuasions as well as one between Jewish people of the book and believers in the Christian Church.

Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Ph.D.
Colman Mockler Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Old Testament
President Emeritus, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary 

daniel mercaldoAny scholarly attempt to address the growth of supersessionism should be welcomed in the Evangelical community worldwide.  While not perfect, modern Israel is thought by most Evangelicals to be a fulfilment of biblical prophecy, and therefore to be seen as one of the formidable signs of Christ's soon return.  Dr Calvin Smith has taken on this challenge and brought us a strong rebuttal to the position held by supersessionists, and must be thanked for giving Evangelical Christians this important compilation of writings by such a group of authors. Thanks.

Rev. Dr. Daniel Mercaldo
Senior Pastor and Founder, Church at the Gateway, Staten Island, New York

robert thomas book

The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supercessionism provides thorough insights, both biblical and secular, into issues related to the present, past, and future status of ethnic Israel.  It is heartening that editor Calvin L. Smith along with an assortment of contributors has outlined many historic and current facets related to present-day Israel.  The availability and helpfulness of the book will strike a strong note in response to growing supersessionist influences regarding God’s promises to Abraham and his descendants.

Dr Robert L. Thomas
Professor of New Testament Language and Literature
The Master’s Seminary, Sun Valley, California



david torrance

The articles in this book, written by scholars who vary in their theological stance, are balanced and profound. They seek to answer biblically some of the oldest heresies in the Church, which sadly are advocated by many Evangelicals today, namely that all the promises to Israel have been transferred to the Church and that Israel has ceased to be within God’s purpose for world redemption. I warmly commend this book and pray that it will be widely read. 

Revd David W. Torrance
Retired Church of Scotland minister and author (with Howard Taylor) of
Israel, God’s Servant: God’s Key to the Redemption of the World (2007)


amos yongFinally, an irenic, but yet resolutely Evangelical treatment of the issues surrounding the Middle Eastern crises centred around the contemporary state of Israel! While readers will agree or not depending on their own ideological biases, all who approach this book with an open mind will come away better informed about why Bible-believing Evangelicals think the Jews remain God’s people in a distinctive way and why we can be hopeful that the good news of the gospel is still applicable in the present situation for all parties involved – Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs, and Christians of every ethnicity bound up on the conflict. As valuable is the attempt of the essayists to find a middle way between the extremes of Zionism on the one side and anti-Israelism on the other, the result is registration of an important set of mediating Evangelical voices in an otherwise tumultuous discussion.

Amos Yong, PhD., Director Of The Center For Missiological Research and
Professor Of Theology And Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary

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