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Exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity and the ongoing relationship between Jewish and Gentile believers

Endorsements and Testimonials (Second Edition)

richard harvey“Supersessionism” is not just a technical theological term. It is the deeply rooted mistaken assumption in much Christian thinking that God has finished with Israel (the Jewish people) and that his covenant with them has been 'superseded' now that the Church has become the ‘new Israel’.  In its modern form, sometimes known as ‘replacement theology’, it has done irreparable damage to relations between Jews and Christians, and has been a cancer in the Church’s self-understanding and its attempts to share the Gospel with Jewish people. Calvin Smith has done us a great service in bringing together and carefully editing these essays by leading scholars and Messianic Jews to explain the theoretical aspects and practical effects of such teaching. He calls on Christians to read their Scriptures more carefully and treat their Jewish friends more sensitively in the light of God’s ongoing election of Israel. This book should be required reading for anyone who loves God, His Word, His Church and His people Israel.   

Dr. Richard Harvey
Former Academic Dean, All Nations Christian College, UK and
Senior Researcher with Jews for Jesus Author of Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology    


wayne hilsdenI am deeply grateful to Dr. Calvin Smith and the fine collection of scholars who have presented their case. The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supersessionism will be one of my reference works for years to come. Where one lands in relation to the theory of supersessionism can impact not only the fate of Jewish people still in unbelief, but also those who profess to follow Jesus the Messiah. So I exhort the reader to be concerned not only about the theological debate, but also how supersessionism has the potential to profoundly affect eternal consequences.  

Wayne Hilsden
Lead Pastor, King of Kings Community Jerusalem  


alex jacob
I found this book to be a rich treasure trove of insightful teaching from a range of theologians, Bible teachers and mission practitioners. As Christians we need a thoughtful and Biblically astute understanding of God’s on-going purposes for Jewish People and Israel. In addition we need to be aware of the growing numbers of Jewish Believers in Jesus (Yeshua) and how they can contribute to renewing and reforming the life and mission of the wider ecclesia.  I believe this book contributes to this end as each writer engages with important issues with a faithful reliance upon Scripture and offers a balanced review of theology, history and where applicable a careful analysis of contemporary events and values. I hope many people will invest in studying and discussing  this book and while some readers  may not agree with  every aspect of teaching or line of reasoning, I am sure all will benefit from both the overall  substance and tone of the book.  

Rev Alex Jacob
CEO, The Church’s Ministry among Jewish People (CMJ)


mike mooreSupersessionism has existed since the second century but in the last three decades a virulent new strain has emerged that not only continues to demonise the Jewish people but does so also by delegitimizing the claim of Jews to their ancient homeland. Advocates of the New Supersessionism are invariably intelligent, articulate and biblically literate, and the case they present is highly plausible. In many Christian circles, therefore, those who view the Jewish people and the state of Israel positively are now seen as the Church’s equivalent of the Tory party’s ‘swivel-eyed loons’. The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supersessionism is a biblical, scholarly, balanced and sane antidote to Supersessionism old and new. It informs, teaches, corrects, stimulates, encourages, surprises and shocks. All apart from the incorrigibly apathetic will benefit from reading it.  

Mike Moore
General Secretary, Christian Witness to Israel  


mike vlach
The unbiblical doctrine that the church replaces or supersedes the nation Israel in the plan of God must be challenged with the light of God's word. This work, written by an impressive international cast, continues the case against supersessionism and does so in a clear and compelling way.  

Michael J. Vlach, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Theology, The Master's Seminary

Author of Has the Church Replaced Israel? A Theological Evaluation (2010) 

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