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Exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity and the ongoing relationship between Jewish and Gentile believers

TH4613/5613 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew 1 (20 credits)
To provide students with an introduction to the Biblical Hebrew language and basic skills needed for the exegesis of the Hebrew Old Testament. Successful completion will aid students to understand and make use of technical commentaries on the Old Testament and provide a foundation for the further study of Old Testament texts in Hebrew.
TH4615/5615 Lands of the Bible (20 credits)
Study trip to Israel is organised to explore the Holy Land, permitting students to acquire a critical knowledge and understanding of its geography and topography. This unique course helps to enhance students’ interpretation of the Bible by introduction to  the subject of Middle East archaeology and demonstrate how it aids the exegete by enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the ancient history, politics and culture of the Holy Land as well as aspects of modern society, culture and religion of the Holy Land.
TH5605 The Church and Israel (20 credits)
Building upon previous biblical and theological studies at Level 4, this module a detailed examination of the Church’s relationship with Jews, Judaism and Israel. The aim is to explore Israel as a biblical theology theme and discuss how diverging interpretations of relevant Bible texts have resulted in widely conflicting understandings of the concept of Israel throughout the Church’s history and the Christian responses to Jews, Judaism and throughout the Church’s history to the modern State of Israel.
TH6611 Thought and Expressions of the Messianic Jewish Movement (20 credits)
This module seeks to build upon previous studies at Levels 4 and 5 through a detailed examination of and critical engagement with the contemporary and historic Messianic Jewish Movement. By exploring the Messianic Jewish Movement from the context of Church history and a theological perspective, the aim is to identify key aspects of contemporary Jewish–Christian relations, develop skills in understanding and critiquing various theological positions within the movement, and identify/discuss Christian and non-Christian responses to the Messianic Jewish Movement.
TH6613 European Christians, Zionism and The Modern State of Israel (20 credits)
To comprehensively understand and critically evaluate scholarly viewpoints pertaining to early twentieth century European Christian expressions of philosemitism and their political contribution to the emergence of Christian Zionism. The goal is to enable students to research and reflect carefully upon matters relating to European Christian expressions of anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism and their contribution to perceptions of the Jewish people in the lead-up to the Second World War and the Holocaust. Additionally, to encourage students to understand and explore complexities and nuances on research relating to understanding of the Second World War towards the Jewish people, the Modern State of Israel and Christian Zionism. Lastly, to encourage a hermeneutically balanced and politically astute position vis-à-vis Israel among those identifying themselves as Christian Zionists, and develop a sophisticated and systematic knowledge and understanding of modern Israeli society and politics.

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